High School Basketball

Updated Monday October 22, 2018 by CYC Office.










Team Registration is open at www.cycstl.siplay.com

We have male and female leagues in two high school age groups.  The season will start December 9th and will end March 3rd. This is an earlier start to the season than usual.  Teams play 10 games, plus playoffs if they qualify.  The leagues are composed of teams with players of similar skill level and age – not geography.  This makes for better games and more fun for both teams.

Teams can be made up of grade school or high school friends.  They need to be sponsored by a recognized religious based church or school (grade or high school).

Every player and coach needs a valid CYC ID Card!  There needs to be someone 21+ years old on the bench.  They must have a current background check, Protecting God’s Children and the signed Code of Ethical conduct – all verified by their sponsor.

Registration ends November 30, 2018.  No exceptions.

For more information, contact Dan Fitzgerald, CYC Sports Director, at 314-792-7253 or DanFitzgerald@archstl.org.