Field Information

Updated Sunday June 4, 2017 by Pat Moore.

The following documents will help you navigate to fields for Cross District Summer game:  You can view the PDFs or download a spread sheet of everything.  Expect updates as we track down more addresses for fields.  

District Information:   Web address for each of the five districts.including Location and Rainout Information.

Locations for Fields.  Fields appear in alphabetical order.  The district and, if known, the address.

Contacts for Fields.  Fields appear in alphabetical order.  The contacts for re-schedules are listed. 

Spread Sheet with all of the preceding documents.


I am sure that anyone who has had a game at the KC fields in Cottleville (Kights of Columbus) has noticed that they are working on the road (Hwy N) there. From June 1st thought July 31st, the only way to get to the KC fields on Hwy N is to access them from the Weiss Road side, NOT the Hwy K side. So, to get to the KC fields on Hwy N, you can use Knaust Road to Weiss Road, Cottleville Parkway to Weiss Road or Hwy N from Motherhead Road.